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Hole In My Heart Ā»



I see the way that you've been lookin' at me
You know that I got what you want and
Think I gotta let you know that we

Were over the day that you started
Knew it was comin', now I bet you are leavin'
The writing was all on the wall and
It's all as you move on

We tried to dance and you didn't wanna look uncool
You took my hand and I put my trust in you
Then you let it go

How do you know
What the top looks like when you're livin' on the bottom?
And how do you know
What a love looks like when your heart's been broken?
Take some time, I gotta get mine
And you gotta know low if you wanna get high
Don't worry 'bout me, it's all better now
You can worry 'bout you, I'm all better now

Rollin' off like water on my back
I know that you owe me some money
We don't really gotta talk about that
Cause I'll let it slide for you, honey
I see you walkin' and you're lookin' so sad
I wish that I cared but it's funny
I don't need you anymore

We made our plans and you
Let them all fall through
You took my hand and I put my trust in you
Then you let it go