Peggy Lee - I love being here with you
I love being here with you
PaĆ­s: retrolandia Retrolandia

Cantante: Peggy Lee

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I love the East, I love the West
And North and South, they're both the best
But I only want go there as a guest
'Cause I love being here with you

I love the sea, I love the shore
I love the rocks and what is more
With you there, they'd never be a bore
'Cause I love being here with you

Singing in the shower, laughing by the hour
Life is such a breezy game
Love all kinds of weather, long as we're together
I love to hear you say my name

I love good wine and fine cuisine
And candle light, I like the scene
But baby if you know what I mean
I love being here with you

Basie's band a-swinging, I like Ella's singing
Because there's something else, you know
They know how to say it, they know how to play it
They wind it up and let it go

I love the thrill of New York shows
I'd love to kiss Durante's nose
But I'd like to say before I close
That I love
Oh, I love
Yes, I love
Being here with you