Fay Wildhagen - New Again
New Again
País: zelenwald Zelenwald

Cantante: Fay Wildhagen

Posición final: 16º, 74 puntos

Pos. semifinal: 10º, 54 puntos

Atlasvisión 42

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You think you are superior
Baby don’t bother me
My god admits the failure
That you’ve always been

You think you’re writing poetry
It never touches me
I know your faces perfectly
There’s nothing I’ll ever see

Lay down your love
Act like you’re new again
Show me your love
I’m not a fool my friend

I wanna live, so let me go
Let me live, don’t tell me how
To feel, I’m like the wind and snow
I need to live
So I’ll let go

You got a car
You’re on TV
Stuck, n bound to be
A broke mind, a hollow ghost
What others want to see

Go wherever you go
Leave me here
When all is over
I will meet you where
There’s new beginnings
And the sky is clear
Take me with you
I’ll be here